Heavy 16 Foliar

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Push plants to their true potential with Heavy Foliar (1-0-2) by Heavy 16! Heavy 16 Professional Foliar Nutrient (PFN), "Foliar" for short, is designed to mitigate stress and fortify your plants. Heavy Foliar will give you peace of mind when dealing with plant stress and provide your plants with four forms of calcium along with a dusting of micronutrients. Heavy 16 Foliar is also compatible with most hormones, fungicides, insecticides, and wetting agents to achieve maximum effciency and stress reduction. Offer valid online only. Price at HTG Supply retail locations may vary.  

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Heavy 16 – Plant De-Stressing with PFN

When sprayed on the foliage of your crop, Heavy Foliar’s net-neutral chemistry is easily absorbed into the negatively-charged foliage, helping to immediately strengthen the canopy. As Foliar moves throughout the plant’s vascular system, the result is more elastic tissue, more adaptive membranes, and a heightened photosynthetic harvest rate (over 1000% increase). The amount of quality calcium in Foliar is key to this elasticity and structure as it provides a perfect bridge between phospholipids, glycolipids, and proteins in the cell membrane. The other nutritional effect on your plants is the enzyme complexity and integrity, achieved through correct ratios of micronutrients as well as exotic trace minerals. This allows for all catalytic processes to function through stress that would normally turn a plant into mush (like 145° F greenhouses in the summer heat). The carbohydrate base of Foliar is eventually deposited in the roots to create a net gain of usable energy and fodder for the plant’s respirational needs.


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Derived from potassium nitrate, calcium acetate, calcium nitrate, calcium gluconate, calcium chloride, magnesium nitrate, magnesium chloride, magnesium acetate, ferric nitrate, zinc nitrate, and boric acid.

Offer valid online only. Price at HTG Supply retail locations may vary.



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