HMG 90 Degree Plant Bender – 6-12 Millimeter


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HMG 90 degree plant benders are designed to make implementing low stress training easy and effective. This 6-12 Millimeter variant is intended for training mature plants and stems in advanced stages of growth. Using these simple plant benders you can easily apply stem bending for SCROG and other plant training techniques.

  • Size - 6-12 millimeter stems
  • Lightweight, durable, reusable

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HMG 6-12 Millimeter 90 Degree Plant Benders for Low Stress Training (LST)

Low Stress Training (LST) involves bending stems to change the shape of the plant. These 90 plant benders revolutionize LST. It replace the need to place stakes in the dirt and spend time using zip ties to reshape your stems. With these plant benders you can:

Increase Light Penetration: Control the height and shape of the plant to even out the canopy so light can reach all parts of the plant.

Increase Yields: Creates multiple flowing sites in addition to the main stem.

Increase Airflow: Reorient stems to allow better airflow to help disperse moisture and low the chance of mold growing.

Easily Install: Gently bend stems back and forth and then insert the bender over the stem.

Effortlessly Removal: Crafted with bright colors for easy detection in dense foliage. Easy to find and remove.

Reuse: Made from PETG, a strong, durable, and impact resistant plastic. Reusable for multiple grows.


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