House & Garden Amino Treatment

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Amino Treatment by House and Garden in an additive designed to promote bigger, better quality yields. Amino Treatment was created to be used during the vegetative and flowering stages of growth for maximized yields. Amino Treatment contains a mix of nitrogen and soy protein, and soluble potash.  

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House & Garden Amino Treatment

House & Garden Amino Treatment is a new, revolutionary product that brings noticeably higher fruit yield, with regard to quality as well as to quantity. The product consists of a balanced complex of ingredients such as small silicate particles which are much smaller than those which you would find in normal silicon. Amino Treatment also contains a unique natural growth and flowering stimulator from an extract taken from plant seeds.

Application: Soil / Hydro / Coco / Aqua. For optimum Root Development, Growth and Flowering

Dosage: 20 – 100ml per 100L water. Use Amino Treatment with each watering until 3 weeks before harvest.


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