House & Garden Bud XL




Bud XL by House and Garden an additive used to enhance flower quality in hydroponics and soil growing plants. Bud XL is designed to be added after the first flowers are formed. Bud XL contains nitrogen and soluble potash.

  • (0.4-0-0.2)
  • For use after first flowers are formed
  • Enhances flower quality
  • Contains nitrogen and soluble potash


Bud-XL uses enzyme processes to extract sugars from the large bracts to store them in the fruit or flower of the plant. Start adding Bud-XL to the nutrient after the first flowers are formed. This is the period that the big bract loses its function. By adding Bud-XL you ensure that the plant’s energy is no longer used for keeping the bract, but is directed to forming flowers and fruits. Simultaneously, Bud-XL extracts sugars from the bract and transports them to the fruit. Use in conjunction with Shooting Powder for best results.

Application: Use Bud-XL during the flowering period of the growth.

Dosage: 3.8 ml per gallon of water.



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