HTG Supply 4.0 180W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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Witness the newest evolution of modular LED growing with the HTG Supply 4.0 LED Grow Light. Jam-packed with the most recent technology this 180w full-spectrum LED grow light has an efficiency of 2.44 umol/w. Our SMD cluster panel provides a concentrated light output while using only 60w. Removable and upgradeable PODS come standard with every fixture. Upgrading your light for much less than replacement costs. HTG Supply's enhanced full-spectrum grow light is a blend of 3000K & 5000K white, blue, and red chips. These cover the entire PAR spectrum while targeting key areas for photosynthetic growth.

  • Model - 180w | Wattage draw - 120w | Voltage - 120v
  • PPF Efficiency: 2.44 umol/watt
  • Enhanced full spectrum
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HTG Supply 4.0 180W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The HTG LED 4.0 Grow Light series is the next evolution in modular LED growing, packing powerful enhanced full-spectrum light into a versatile 2.44 umol/w fixture. Built around our popular PODular system, the 4.0 features interchangeable, actively cooled 60w pods for intense output over a concentrated canopy space. The pods are the secret to this fixture’s success, upgrading from the last generation’s lenses to conformally coated SMD boards that resist dust and water interference without any light loss. HTG has customized these pods for enhanced full-spectrum output, designed to target key photosynthetically active wavelengths to maximize plant growth. For indoor growers that want robust flowering, potent vegetative growth, and heavy yields, the HTG 4.0 LED Grow Light exceeds expectations. Each fixture comes complete and ready to grow with a 120v grounded power cord and hanging hardware.

  • Water-Resistant SMD: Board Our SMD cluster panel packs the output of a single 65w quantum-style board into 1/5th the space, providing a concentrated light output while using 7% less electricity. We’re building more light into a smaller package, maximizing your ability to grow huge plants via higher PPFD values and deeper canopy penetration. Plus a conformal coating, essentially a small layer of epoxy, protects the LED chips from dust and water, giving you peace of mind in your grow.
  • PODular Design: The bread and butter of the HTG 4.0 LED is our PODular design. Since 2014, we’ve been producing fixtures with the same cutouts for our LED Pods so you can upgrade your fixture without having to replace the whole unit. Active cooling extends the life of the PODs, keeping your LEDs brighter for a longer period. For existing operators of HTG 3.0, 2.1, and 2.0 LEDs, 4.0 LED PODs breathe new life into long-serving units. PODular design also means parts can be serviced and replaced, and any issues with an HTG LED can be serviced at an HTG Supply retail location.
  • Enhanced Full Spectrum: HTG Supply 4.0 LED grow lights utilize a blend of cutting-edge SMD chips to deliver an enhanced full-spectrum output with 34% higher PPF than previous models. The chipset includes 3000K & 5000K White, 660nm Red, and 440nm Blue for full coverage of the visible spectra with additional reds and blues to target peak photosynthetic activity. In operation, this fixture emits a pink-tinted white light tuned for full-cycle plant growth and is guaranteed to produce excellent yields.


  • Dimensions: 14.75″ x 9.5″ x 2.5″
  • LED Wattage: 180w
  • Power Draw: 120w
  • Voltage: 85-264v AC
  • Amperage: 1A @ 120V
  • PPF Efficiency: 2.44 umol/watt
  • Chipset (Per POD): (160) 3000K, (48) 5000K, (12) 660 nm, (4) 440 nm (224 pcs. total ea.)
  • Superior surface mount device (SMD) LED technology
  • 100,000+ hour lifespan

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14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


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