Hydrofarm Heat Mat Thermostat


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Hydrofarm's Heat Mat Thermostat is a digital tool used by growers to help measure the temperature in hydroponic growing systems. The Heat Mat Thermostat is designed to be used with heat mats, and has a stainless steel, waterproof probe to ensure accurate readings.

  • Measures ranges from 60 degrees to 108 degrees
  • Max current: 8.3 amps / 1000 watts
  • Digital readings

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Our heat mat thermostat is digital for greater accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant stainless steel temperature probe
  • Digital temperature reader
  • LED mode indicator lights; 3-prong grounded plug
  • Compatible with all Hydrofarm heat mats
  • Measures range from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out (press Up or Down button to change)
  • Max current: 8.3 amps/1000 watts

Error Code Information:

  • E1: temperature is too low, has exceeded the range limit; or the temperature probe open (break).
  • E2: temperature is too high, has exceeded the upper limit of the range.
  • E3: Short-circuit for temperature sensor (probe)


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