Organic Mechanics Insect Frass

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Size: 2 lbs. Organic Mechanics Insect Frass is a 3-2-2 organic, vegan fertilizer for amending soils and nourishing plants. It can be used for soil or container gardening as an amendment, liquid foliar spray or addition to compost teas. NPK Values: 3-2-2  

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Insect Frass Vegan Plant Fertilizer

Insect Frass is 100% organic and vegan fertilizer for soil gardening. Its natural blend of plant nutrition, beneficial micro-organisms provides plants with balanced nutrition for vigorous growth. It also provides the only source of plant-available chitin, which fortifies plants’ natural defense mechanisms to help them fend off pests. Add Insect Frass as a soil amendment, or use it as a foliar spray / compost tea additive for organic vegan gardening.

Contains: Insect frass
3-2-2 organic, vegan fertilizer for amending soils and nourishing plants
For all stages of plant growth
Perfect for all plant types: Houseplants, Edibles, Flowers, Native Plants, Tropicals, Trees, Bonsai, Cactus & Succulents, Bulbs
100% Natural & 100% Organic

For Containers, mix 1 cup per 1.0 cu. ft. of soil. 1 cup = 0.20 lbs. frass


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