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Microbe Life Hydroponics Photosynthesis Plus




Photosynthesis Plus by Microbe Life Hydroponics is an all-natural liquid supplement used to maximize the benefits of radiant energy. Photosynthesis Plus promotes plant vigor and increases the rate plants take in the required minerals and nutrients. Photosynthesis Plus also is rich in beneficial bacteria and will decrease the input you need to grow a quality crop.

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Microbe Life Hydroponics Photosynthesis Plus

Photosynthesis Plus is an all-natural liquid supplement that maximizes the plant’s ability to use available light.

Use in addition to ALL nutrient and fertilizer programs for maximum yields. May be used for indoor and outdoor use with all hydroponic, NFT, drip systems, aeroponic, irrigation, and liquid feeding systems, with all soilless media, including Coco Coir. Compatible with all fertilizer programs. Always check pH and CF levels.

What it is:

Photosynthesis Plus is the culture consortium produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. that is used on tens of thousands of acres of crops worldwide and is the foundation for our Photosynthesis Plus, a complete ecosystem in the bottle. The proprietary formulation and culture growth enhances product performance via selective adaptation, resulting in superior performance in aerobic, facultative, anaerobic, and anoxic environments. Shelf stable for two years.

What it does:

Enhances plant functions at the foliar level and the root zone in both soil and soilless substrates. Enhances photosynthesis and biological function by allowing plants to capture and utilize radiant energy more efficiently. Speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro- and micro-nutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth. Promotes plant vigor and reduces input costs while increasing yields.



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