REFURBISHED GrowBright 4 Foot 6 Lamp T5 Fixture



Refurbished T5 GrowBright 4 Foot 6 Lamps

This GrowBright 4 Foot 6 Lamp T5 fixture can be bought in refurbished condition and may have some dents, markings, or other signs of wear. It is possible that some parts of these fixtures could need to be replaced, but HTG Supply does test all of their refurbished hydroponic equipment to make sure they are in workable condition before shipping to you. You can also buy this GrowBright 4 Foot 6 High Output T5 Lamp in new condition in our selection of grow lights for sale. We do have a limited number of refurbished GrowBright 4 Foot 6 Lamps, so order today at this special price only available online!  

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GrowBright 4 Foot 6 Lamp T5 Fixture Details

  • T5 Grow Lamp with 6400k spectrum lighting comes with each fixture (no substitute)
  • 90-day warranty for each fixture from purchase and a 14-day money-back guarantees
  • The 4-foot 6400k T5 lamp emits 5,000 lumens per bulb
  • The dimensions of this fixture are 20″ wide x 49″ long x 2.25″ Deep
  • T5 bulbs have a 24,000-hour life expectancy (8,760 hours in one year). Different from halide or sodium bulbs, a T5 bulb loses very little light output over the course of its use
  • Very little heat emitted from a solid-state electronic ballast, almost silent too
  • Electronic ballast runs with a current of 120v (standard household)
  • The innovative design of this fixture has the ballasts placed beside the lamps instead of above, which enables them to run cooler and last longer
  • The design and attractive finish also make it the best looking T5 fixture on the market
  • Each lamp is top quality, highly reflective, and 95%+ polished with an aluminum reflector for maximum light output
  • Hold your grow lamp in place properly with locking lamp sockets that will secure lamps
  • Use a convenient switch to easily turn your T5 fixture on and off
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Cable hangers included with every lamp

*Offer valid online only. Price at HTG Supply retail locations may vary.


Weight 27 lbs

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