Rockwool / Stonewool 8 Inch Big Mama Block


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Made in Denmark since 1969, Grodan rockwool (also called stonewool) is widely recognized as the ideal soilless substrate. For any growing application, rockwool offers speed, ease of use, and cleanliness. Rockwool is an alternative to coco coir and expanded clay for hydroponic applications.

  • 8" Big Mama Blocks can be used as an intermediary, but are an excellent final container for planting.
  • Individually wrapped cubes hold the rockwool's shape and prevent algae growth.
  • Grodan A-OK Staters and Macroplugs fit snugly into the pre-formed hole on the top of the 8" Big Mama Block.

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Big Mama is the largest block ever produced by Grodan. It is 8″ square and contains over twice the amount of wool as the popular Hugo block. This block is big enough to grow a large plant for its entire life! When your plant outgrows its current block, just place it on top of Big Mama. Big Mama is solid wool and does not have a precut hole thus making it suitable to hold any size smaller block on top (even a Hugo).

1. Pre-soak and flush to waste as recommended for all blocks.
2. Start with a well established plant with roots just beginning to come through in minimum 3” block.
3. Place the plant on the Big Mama.
4. Due to the height of Big Mama, top watering systems are recommended.


Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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Soil & Grow Mediums


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