Roots Organics Ancient Amber




Ancient Amber by Roots Organics is a liquid, pour nutrient or foliar spray used to promote stress resistance, vigor, and better quality harvests. Ancient Amber is rich in nitrogen, and can be used in soil growing and hydroponic systems as a nutirent or as a foliar spray.

  • (0.1-0-0.01)
  • Soil or hydroponic drench or foliar spray
  • Promotes stress resistance, vigor, and better quality crops


Ancient Amber

A soluble foliar spray with non GMO soybean meal plus nettle extract that provides amino acid nitrogen. Great to water in, but shines as a foliar feed. Perfect for the transition period between veg and flower.

Roots Organics Ancient Amber is a highly-soluble and distinctly active Natural nitrogen source extracted from nettle, a nutrient-rich perennial plant used by humans Since Ancient times, and from a non-GMO soybean meal.



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