Smart pH Controller


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When pH fluctuates beyond the user-selected set point, the Smart pH Controller engages an LED display alarm to help growers precisely monitor pH levels. This unit features a 0-14.0 pH testing range, a set point range between 5.5 and 9.5 pH, and +/-0.2 accuracy.

  • LED display alarm for convenience
  • Help monitor pH to avoid harmful levels
  • 0-14.0 pH testing range

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With Smart controllers you can monitor and control pH and/or ORP levels directly in your hydroponic system’s water. All our controllers work with a 12 VDC adapter and can be hanged above your reservoir.

The meters have a user selectable set point and a visual LED alarm that is active when the reading is higher (for pH) or lower (for mV) than the set point. Also the instruments are supplied with a power plug for CO2 or ozone dosing. With each Smart controller, your system’s water will have the individual attention that it needs.

The SMS120 smart pH monitor allows you to continuously monitor pH values directly in your hydroponic system’s water.

Features include: user selectable set point, visual Led alarm when values go above the set point and manual calibration. Powered by a 12 VDC adapter all smart monitors are supplied with a clog-resistant pH electrode.


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