Sunleaves Coco Cover 6″

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Sunleaves’ Coco Covers is a natural tool used to protect plants from harmful algae. Made completely from organic coconut fibers, Coco Covers cover your medium to stop light from penetrating the medium; which encourages harmful algae to grow.

  • 6 Inch
  • Designed for rockwool cubes
  • 3 millimeters thick with a 3/4 cutout for plant
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Sunleaves Coco Cover 6″

Sunleaves Coco Covers serve a twofold purpose in your garden, keeping algae from developing on the surface of your growing medium, and locking in moisture for your plants’ roots. Made from 100% organic coconut fibers, Sunleaves Coco Covers are a quick and easy way to prevent algae and conserve water. All-natural latex coating allows you to re-use the covers and the expandable hole in the center will accommodate most plants’ stems. For simple algae protection and boosted water retention, use Sunleaves Coco Covers!

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