SunMaster 1000w Double Ended HPS

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The 1,000-watt SUNMASTER® Yellow Blossom DE lamp is designed to deliver more usable bloom-promoting light than other double ended HPS lamps. This extremely energy efficient, 2,100-kelvin grow lamp provides more energy, which is essential for achieving optimized photosynthetic response when using a double ended HPS grow lights. The results are bushier plants, earlier flowering, higher yields and increased fruit weight. This lamp offers 160,000 initial lumens, 420 PAR watts and a rated life of 10,000 hours. One-year warranty.

  • 1000 w double-ended HPS
  • Energy efficient grow lamp
  • 2,100 kelvin grow lamp
  • 160,000 initial lumens
  • 420 PAR w
  • 10,000 hours of use

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SunMaster 1000w Yellow Blossom DE Lamp

Specifically designed to achieve maximum growth and yields, the SunMaster Yellow Blossom DE Lamp provides outstanding PAR output with a refined blooming spectrum for such benefits as; high fruit/flower weight, accelerated linear growth and flower development, increased branching, and tighter internodal spacing.


  • Model #80020
  • 160,000 initial lumens
  • 420 PAR watts
  • 2,100K spectrum
  • 10,000 hr rated life
  • 1-year warranty

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