SunPulse Splitter


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The SunPulse Splitter is a helpful tool designed for use by indoor growers everywhere. The SunPulse Splitter is used with magnetic ballasts, and is used to split a 1000w HPS lighting system into two 600w SunPulse lighting systems. The SunPulse Splitter saves you on cooling costs, and helps to reduce the heat in your grow room.

  • Splits a 1000w HPS lighting system into two SunPulse 600w lighting systems
  • Reduces the heat in your grow room
  • Saves on cooling costs

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SunPulse Splitter

Split every 1000w HPS lighting system (with a magnetic ballast) into two 600w SunPulse lighting systems! Some growers suffer from excessive energy consumption and too much heat in the grow-room, the HID lamps heat the room up and then growers have to pay the additional cost to cool the room down. The SunPulse Splitter brings a new solution for these specific problems. This splitter uses a single 1000w HPS magnetic ballast to drive two 600w SunPulse Lamps. This component only works with SunPulse or SolisTek lamps. Reduce your overall energy consumption and expand your light’s footprint with the SunPulse Splitter!


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