Twister T2S Trimming Machine with CS18 Trimsaver



Trimming on a large scale sucks. But it doesn?t have to. The Twister T2 transforms the game by using advanced, patent-pending plant trimming technology to do all the work for you (vs. hand trimming). Trim up to 19 lbs of flower per hour with one machine. This unit includes the CS18 T2 Trim Saver System. Features:

  • Model: 02-10006A
  • Large-Commercial Scalle, Harvest Size ~100+lbs
  • 304 Stainless Steel tumbler to mitigate the risk of contamination
  • Watertight electrical and motors allow for a complete high-pressure washdown

*Does not include hopper


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Twister T2 Trimmer with CS18 Trimsaver

Equipped with a powerful motor, the Twister T2 allows for continuous duty operation and ultimate reliability in the most demanding harvest. For Twister products, no detail is too small to be ignored by their engineers. Built to handle industrial-scale harvests, the Twister T2 can trim 35lb/hr wet and 16lb/hr dry.

Quality and Consistency

  • Large-Commercial Scale
  • Harvest Size: ~100+lbs
  • Start with Tandem, Scale up to Triple

The Twister T2 was designed from the ground up to exceed the stringent demands of the most demanding medical facilities on the planet. It’s lightweight, 100% watertight stainless steel design can deliver heavyweight results in any sized medical production. Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work trimming your crop by hand, the same can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T2!

When you purchase a Twister, you are investing in over ten years of manufacturing experience. Quality is in our DNA. We strive each and every day to build the best equipment on the planet. How do measure this type of quality? Customer Success. T2’s have trimmed over 10 million pounds in the last 10 years.

Why grind down the appearance of your flower (with other dry trimmers) when you can keep the natural beauty and quality profile of your flower intact with Twister’s SoftTumble technology. Did we mention it’s watertight? In fact, it’s the only trimmer on the planet that is, keeping your machine safe from any water or moisture damage. Consider this built-in investment protection. Another reason to choose Twister T2.

Details Matter

  • 304 Stainless Steel tumbler to mitigate the risk of contamination
  • Nitrided steel blades increase strength and resistance and decrease buildup
  • Minimal handling > 1 minute in tumbler
  • Watertight electrical and motors allow for a complete high-pressure washdown
  • Wheels allow for easy transport indoor and outdoor


  • Voltage: 115v
  • Current: 2A
  • Blade Motor: 0.25HP / 200w
  • Tumbler Motor: 1/125HP / 6w
  • Tumbler Diameter: 5in
  • Weight: 56lbs
  • Dimensions: 25″ x 15″ x 16.5″

Twister T2 Trim Saver Vacuum

The Trim Saver takes your Twister T2 to new heights, capable of producing extract ready trim. A truly plug-and-play addition for your T2, simply connect the vacuum and hit the power switch. It’s that simple! Twister went above and beyond with the Trim Saver. A truly professional machine, the Trim Saver for T2 will take you from zero to hero in no time.

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Weight 184 lbs

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