Twister T2 Leaf Collector Vacuum




The low profile Twister T2 leaf collector is the most powerful vacuum in the industry, allowing greater hose lengths and extended intervals between cleaning. The heavy duty fan-cooled motor has a continuous duty rating for commercial use. The 80 micron filter bag ensures maximum airflow for extended periods while the balanced aluminum impeller keeps noise to a minimum. The extra thick 3mil collection bag ensures no ripping and odor when disposed of. Built-in circuitry protects your investment from misuse.

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Input Voltage:  208 / 230V
Motor:  2HP, UL & CSA Approved, Fan Cooled
Amps:  (running) 9A
Amps:  (startup) 45A
Motor Speed:  3450RPM
Airflow Capacity:  1700CFM
Static Pressure:  10.5in of H20
Impeller:  12- / 305mm, Balanced Aluminum
Inlet:  6- / 153mm
Height:  36in / 91.5cm
Weight:  123lbs/56kg
Circuit Breaker Required:  15A / 240V
Connector:  (plug) 15A 250V (NEMA 6-15)
Sound Rating:  80 db
Fused:  Yes
Filter:  Bag 1 – 80 Micron
Collection:  Bag 3 – 6 Mil
Generator Requirement:  7500W (9000W surge)
Part # 23-0117

Weight 123 lbs