Doc explains how to clone plants using hormones and an HTG Supply OctoCloner Cloning Bucket!

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What I want to talk to you about is how to make clones using the eight cyclone bucket I got from HTG supply. I’m going to be doing this with rosemary, here’s my mother plant bag. Here you’re going to get a branch and you want to make sure it’s a few inches long you’re going to cut it off right below the note and then you want to cut some full rip off or the scalpel or scissors some leaves down here.Because the new roots are going to grow out of where the leaves were so either make sure you dip this into your rooting compound. I’m using our mats here and you can open up your starter plug put the branch into it like that make sure that the part where you cut the leaves off is below here. That’s what’s going to get wet and that’s where the roots are going to come from. Simply put it into the bucket like that and in two weeks you should have saw roots.Well, I’ve been using the eight cyclone bucket I got from HTG Supply and I want to show you the results that I got and I think this might help you to be better at taking cuttings yourself. When you’re taking cuttings what I want you to notice is that the roots are gonna grow from two places. One is what’s called the note where the leaves were growing, so when you take cuttings you’re gonna cut the leaves off you’re gonna cut the leaf stem. That’s called the petiole and you can see in this rosemary that we are getting some good root growth there now. The second place here to get root growth and this is a polka dot plant and if you can see this here is at the base of the stem here so you want to make sure you’re getting your rooting compounds at the base as well as the nose. I have a little profitable wine here that is a great example of both and see I’ve had great success with this and so I’m getting roots growing here at the base and also both nodes where I cut leaves off are also showing good root growth. So when you’re applying your rooting hormones make sure you get it at the base of the stem and also make sure you have a node where you cut the leaf off because some plants will only grow from here. So I’m only from the base and some like this one will grow from both so keep that in mind when you’re taking your cuttings and good growing.

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