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In any growing system, there are times that stress levels increase to the point where they interfere with the proper growing cycle of plants. This is where Age Old Organics HELP™ comes to the rescue. HELP is an enzymatic, fermented, organic compound that provides vitamins, enzymes, and bio-stimulators to rejuvenate your plant's production system. Apply directly to the foliage for immediate results. Add to your system's tank reserve to keep the HELP coming. HELP revitalizes and renews the photosynthesis and cell production processes within the plant that help damaged plants recover.


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HELP can be used as a foliar spray, to reduce transplant shock. It can also be used for growing in soil and hydroponic storage tanks.


Foliar Spray and Transplants: Add one teaspoon to one pint of water, and drench foliage. To reduce transplant shock, prior to planting, place roots into the solution for 4 to 24 hours.

Hydroponics and Fertilization: For constant-feed applications, add one teaspoon HELP for each quart of water (provides 150 ppm N). For bi-weekly feedings and hydroponic storage tanks, add one tablespoon per quart of water (provides 370 ppm N).


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