AgrowDose™ MDX Nutrient, pH & ORP Dosing Systems



MDXP Modular Dosing Panels automate nutrient dosing, pH and ORP control in large or small re-circulating hydroponic systems or drain-to-waste fertigation systems fed from a pre-mix stock tank. These pre-assembled panels come ready to dose! Just connect the water manifold to your system and plug in power! Controller, dosing pumps and water manifold are all conveniently mounted on a stainless steel back panel simplifying installation and providing a clean appearance.  

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AgrowDose™ MDX Nutrient, pH & ORP Dosing Systems are designed for easy wall-mounting. Available in 1, 2, 4 or 5 pump configurations, each pump can be configured for pH up, pH down, ORP or EC nutrient dosing as required. Precision sensors and rugged pumps offer reliable and accurate control. Built with FDA compliant tubing, the pumps inject chemicals quickly into water lines up to 25psi. Long-life pump heads are easily replaced in seconds without tools. The controller’s built-in color display provides an easy to use interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the dosing settings. Display includes features such as:

  • High/low history
  • Graphical history
  • Alarm set points with Buzzer
  • Guided sensor calibration screens
  • Manual pump priming
  • Back-light shut-off timer

Built on a decade of proven technology and components with new, enhanced capabilities to meet the growing demand for highly reliable autonomous dosing applications.

Ready to Dose | Easy to Use | 1, 2, 4 or 5 Pumps

  • Precision Digital Sensors
  • Data Logging & On-Board Graphing
  • Tough, Reliable Pumps
  • Easy Setup & Operation


  • Water Temperature: -20 – 60°C
  • pH: 0-14 pH
  • Conductivity: 0-5000 uS (0-2500ppm)
  • O.R.P. or D.O.: +/-1000mV / 0-20mg/ml


download Data Sheet
download Installation Manual


download MDX System Setup & Installation
download SXH Sensor Setup & Calibration


  • Recirculating Hydroponics Systems (NFT, DWC, etc.)
  • Agricultural & Aquaponics
  • Analytical, Research & Academic
  • OEM & custom applications
  • Typical Configuration

AgroDose System Diagrams


Weight 10 lbs

MDX1 Single Pump, MDX2 Dual Pump, MDX4 Quad Pump, MDX5 Penta Pump

Sensor Probes

pH, EC & Temperature, pH, EC & Temperature + DO, pH, EC & Temperature + ORP

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