CANNA Bio Terra Plus 50L


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BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is a plant-based natural blend of ingredients specifically developed for use in organic farming. It is OMRI listed and thus verified for organic use according to NOP standard program. It is certified by Control Union Certifications for use in organic growing.

  • OMRI Listed Organic Soil
  • 50 Liter bag
  • Aerated medium
  • Stable pH creates healthy environment for new plants

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CANNA Bio Terra Plus Organic Soil

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus is a reduced peat potting mix composed of the best white peat, coco coir, and organic bases without any materials derived from animals. Coco coir offers a solution as a sustainable alternative to peat. Combining the exceptional physical properties of high-quality white peat with our highest grade of coco coir has proven to be a solution that provides an ideal substrate for your plant.

An ideal structure

The unsteamed coco fiber used in the mix provides the correct physical structure, allowing the roots to form beneficial relationships with their physical environment. Bio Terra Plus provides a well-balanced nitrogen ratio. Extended liming provides the optimal pH environment for a longer time period.

An increased water-holding capacity and improved drainage properties ensure a well-aerated substrate for faster rooting. It also aids in reducing nitrate leaching with water drainage and helps keep essential minerals available for plants.


Weight 35 lbs

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Soil & Grow Mediums


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