CANNA Coco Starter Kit

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In the CANNA Strater Kit, you get to choose exactly what you need to start growing a quality crop. This starter kit comes complete with the medium, nutrients, and additives you’ll need to grow a thriving crop. Included in the CANNA Starter Kit is a 5 gallon Phat Sack fabric pot.

  • Comes with nutrients, additives, and coco medium
  • Option to choose your varied sized
  • Free 5 Gallon Phat Sack included



Coco A and B by CANNA is a two part nutrient system that promotes optimal growing and flowering. Coco A and B combines the powers of Flores and Vega in to a simple two part system designed specifically for coco growers. Coco A and B is rich in minerals to enhance the growing and flowering processes.


CANNAZYM by CANNA is an additive used to activate the beneficial microorganisms that help break down dead plant debris; turning it into fuel. CANNAZYM converts harmful molds caused by dead plant materials in to minerals and sugars that the plant absorbs. CANNAZYM also assists by helping the plant form more, heathy roots.


CANNABOOST by CANNA is a metabolism boosting additive that ensures your plants are absorbing all the necessary nutrients they need to thrive. CANNABOOST promotes how well your plant takes in nutrients which affects your plant in a number of ways including your yield size, flavors, and its immune system. CANNABOOST works well with all mediums and substrates.

CANNA PK 13/14

PK 13/14 by CANNA is a flower stimulating additive. PK 13/14 is packed full of beneficial minerals, potassium, and phosphorus to incite flowering in your crops. PK 13/14 can be used with any grow medium, and its high concentration makes it easily and quickly absorbed by plants.

CANNA Rhizotonic

RHIZOTINIC by CANNA is an additive geared towards stimulating vegetative growth for plant’s roots. Not only does it enhance root growth and strength, RHIZOTONIC also can help speed up germination, builds up resistance, and promotes inner and outer strength in your crops. RHIZOTONIC is great for cutting and transplants.

CANNA Coco 50L Bag

Coco by CANNA is a natural plant medium that is balanced for optimum growing. Coco is a structured medium that is free from soil disease and viruses. Coco is prepared in a way that prevents nutrient absorption into the coco, leaving more for your plant. Coco is reusable, and great for potted plants.

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