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Dip’N Grow is one of the most widely used propagation agents in the country. Used by professional gardeners for years. It’s more effective for hardwood cuttings than powders because its liquid form allows Dip’N Grow to be absorbed more readily.

  • Natural plant growth hormones combined with alcohol create a sterile, powerful rooting solution.
  • Roots everything from hardwoods to succulents.

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From Dip’N Grow:

Dip’N Grow is the most effective rooting hormone available. Propagators at nurseries and universities nationwide have increased their yields with this seed-starting product and found Dip’N Grow to be more economical and easier to use than other rooting hormones.

Dip’N Grow features a liquid concentrate easily diluted with water to the necessary strength. The tested, proven formula contains two root-inducing auxins (IBA and NAA). Alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients, so Dip’N Grow is self-sanitizing and cross-contamination problems are eliminated.

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