GreenGro Earthshine Biochar Blend

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GreenGro Biologicals Earthshine is rejuvenating soil amendment that contains a blend of biochar, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and worm castings. It is ideal for adding to previously used potting soil and outdoor garden beds to restore fertility, or for giving new soil an added boost of vital elements. Earthshine can be mixed directly into soil and compost teas, or it can be used as a top dress fertilizer.  

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GreenGro Earthshine Biochar Blend

The Earthshine Biochar blend is a fast and easy way to boost the performance of new soil, reuse your old soil, and improve the effectiveness of compost teas and mycorrhizae products. This amazing product will save any gardener money by reducing soil costs, improving fertilizer use, and reducing water use over the gardening season.

Biochar and its use in amending soil is an age-old Native American technique that has been around for over a thousand years. It is based upon the observation that after a forest fire occurs the surrounding vegetative growth is tremendously more robust than in areas that were not affected by the fires. The fire creates rich deposits of carbon in the soil, increases soil fertility, and encourages microbial activity. Earthshine mimics this incredible process and thereby brings new life to your garden.

The International Biochar Initiative has recognized Biochar’s ability to rejuvenate soil carbon levels, sequester CO2, reduce nutrient runoff, and increase water use efficiency. We blend our Biochar with glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and worm castings to create a complete soil rejuvenating product.

Odor and Appearance: Since this is considered a fermented fertilizer product (and biologically active) over time a fermented wine or yeast smell may occur due to the breaking down of nutrients in the product or soil. This is safe, natural, and completely normal. Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight until application.


  • Recycling old soil
  • Boosting new soil
  • Compost tea accelerator
  • Top dress micronutrient


Derived from glacial rock, soybean meal, worm castings, and Biochar

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:

Humic acid: 5%


Recycling old soil, boosting new soil, compost tea accelerator, and top dress micronutrient.


Transplant: 1 Tbsp. per 6-inch potting hole
Recycling soil: 1 lb. per 4 cubic feet of soil
Boosting new soil: 1 lb. per 6 cubic feet
Compost tea: 1 to 2 Tbsp. per 5 gallons
Transition: For a transition top dress in the first week of the Flowering cycle, add 1 cup per 4’x4′ soil surface area.
Large application: 30 lbs. will treat 1 pallet of new soil or 2 cubic yards of old soil


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