GreenGro Biologicals Flower Finisher

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GreenGro Biologicals Flower Finisher is a potent late-bloom nutrient intended to boost flower weight and enhance the terpene profile of yields. It combines all-natural ingredients like micronized amendments with natural trace minerals, rare earth metals, and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria to create a powerful bloom-boosting formula. Flower Finisher can be used in soil or soilless growing applications, added to foliar sprays and compost teas, or simply applied as a top dress.  

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GreenGro Biologicals Flower Finisher

Flower Finisher is intended for use in the final stage of Bloom. Building upon our Pride Lands base bloom, Flower Finisher is formulated for the unique needs of a plant during the final four weeks of flower development. Our Flower Finisher is intended to increase terpene profile and aroma while adding natural weight and density. Building upon our Pride Lands base, our Flower Finisher combines micronized amendments with natural trace minerals, rare earth metals and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria. Being one of the only natural and dry flower hardeners, we felt this product was desperately needed in a market dominated by chemical finishers.


Derived from crab meal, seabird guano, oyster shell, alfalfa meal, rock phosphate, fish bone meal, glacial rock, sulfate of potash, kelp meal, and zeolite.

Also contains non-plant food ingredients:

Humic Acid derived from leonardite: 1%

Wood Biochar: 1%

Instructions for Use:

USE WITH SOIL OR SOILLESS MEDIA: Product is in semi-powder form, but is not suitable for aeroponic or hydroponics recirculation systems.

WATER IN: 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of water; apply as a soil drench.

COMPOST TEA: 1-3 teaspoons per gallon; apply the last 4 weeks of flower cycle.

TOP DRESS: 1-3 tablespoons per 20 gallon container. Water thoroughly after application.

FOLIAR: 2-3 teaspoons per gallon of water. Apply once during “Transition” (week 1 or 2 of Flowering phase) as a P-K booster. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.


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