General Hydroponics KoolBloom Ripening Formula

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Dry KoolBloom is designed to help with the final stages of a plant's life cycle for increased flower density, vibrancy, and fragrance. Dry KoolBloom should be used after treatments of Liquid KoolBloom for strong flowers and fruits. Dry KoolBloom is the second partof the KoolBloom strategy.

  • Promotes vibrant colors, smells, and flower density
  • To be use during flowering and fruiting stages
  • Use after treatments of Liquid KoolBloom for elevated effects

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For Flowers and Fruit
Dry KoolBloom is used late in the bloom phase to increase weight, yield and to encourage fast ripening. Use Liquid Kool Bloom at the start to enhance the effect of Dry KoolBloom at the end.

Great Roots, More Flowers
Flowering plants tend to have young, fragile root systems that can easily be disrupted by outside stressors; especially during the change into the flowering and fruiting stage.

Designed for that final push when buds transition to flowers or fruits, Dry KoolBloom is a nutrient supplement rich with phosphorous, potassium and other ripening elements. In combination with Liquid KoolBloom, these components give plants what they need, from roots to blooms, to be more productive and vigorous.

Multiple Benefits
Dry KoolBloom promotes greater oil and scent production along with faster ripening and flower density. Highly concentrated and cost effective, this supplement offers macronutrients that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth.


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