General Organics BioMarine

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BioMarine by General Organics is a plant supplement or fertilizer used to promote rapid growth, vibrancy, and pest resistance in plants. BioMarine can be used from root growth to harvest. BioMarine also helps to stimulate microbiology for a stronger soil.

  • (2-3-1)
  • Promotes rapid growth and vibrancy
  • Encourages resistance to pests

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Squid-based supplement for all phases of growth

Huge populations of squid are out of balance with fish populations in the ocean, but do offer major benefits when it comes to plants. Squid provides beneficial support to plants from root growth through harvest.

All Phases, Any Plant

In addition to assisting the environment by bringing better balance to the oceans, BioMarine offers supplementation for your garden that takes you from seedling to foliage development and beyond. Use it as a stand-alone fertilizer for plants growing in rich organic soils or as a nutrient supplement in addition to other products in the General Organics line for more complete or specialized plant nutrition.


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