Light Rail 5.0 Add-A-Bar Kit


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Light Rail's Add-A-Bar kit adds an additional crossbar to the Light Rail 5.0 system. The original Light Rail system moves up to 3 grow lights in a side-by-side pattern to ensure that plants get even coverage throughout. The Add-A-Bar kit enables users to add an additional 3 lights to accommodate bigger growing operations. The crossbar in the kit comes with three different adjustable width settings depending on the size of your lights - 81", 87", or 91". Add-A-Bar Kit for Light Rail 5 Includes:

  • LightRail 5.0 Auxiliary Trolley
  • Crossbar
  • Push/pull rod
  • Mounting hardware
  • Instructions

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Light Rail 5.0 Add-A-Bar Kit

Add-A-Bar Kit for LightRail 5.0: The Add-A-Bar Kit is the way to add a second crossbar to the LightRail 5.0 Kit. It includes a LightRail 5.0 Auxiliary Trolley, a crossbar, a push/pull rod, mounting hardware, and instructions. And, the Add-A-Bar adjustable width settings are 81”, 87”, or 93”. Also, if a third crossbar is needed, you will also need to purchase a 4-foot LightRail 5.0 Auxiliary Rail.

Hint: Most people have each crossbar travel in its own 4-foot Rail half section. And, that’s with about a 2’ gap between those 4-foot Rail sections. Indoor plant light will fill in the gap area from both sides.

Hanging options for the Add-A-Bar Kit for LightRail 5.0

For the adjustable crossbars, or Add-A-Bar Kits for LightRail 5.0, those are at about 81”, 87” and 93” for the span. So, at 81”, the closest mounting holes for the indoor grow lights are 37” apart. And, for 87”, the closest mounting holes for the indoor grow lights are 43” apart. And lastly, for 93” the closest mounting holes for the indoor grow lights are 49” apart. All of those are looking at the inner end of the indoor grow light to the inner end of the other indoor grow light on the same crossbar. Also, the mounting holes on each crossbar give you four grow equipment variations as you hang your indoor grow lights. So,  you can finesse that a bit overall.

Light Rail 5 Add-A-Bar Kit Instructions


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Dimensions 41 × 5 × 4 in

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