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Philips ceramic metal halide bulbs offer an outstanding level of light quality and growth performance. The 4200K lamp's vegetative-oriented sparkling white light creates a natural full spectrum for lush green growth. In addition, the high efficiency of the 315w CMH bulb & ballast combo means reduced energy use and a lower cost of ownership compared to a 400W Metal Halide HID grow lights.

  • Works well in AgroMax HyPAR 315w CMH grow light systems.
  • Ceramic Metal Halide lamps run cooler than HPS and MH lights, while also putting out far-red and UV light.

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Philips Ceramic Metal Halide – 315 Watt / 4200K

The Philips ceramic metal halide (CMH) 315-watt 4200K bulb produces a growth-targeted crisp white light with high CRI, excellent PPF, and plant-beneficial ultraviolet (UV). With an improved vegetative horticultural spectrum and outstanding efficiency, the Philips MasterColor provides lush, compact growth for higher quality yields.

Manufacturer’s Data Sheet

Specifications:Model Name: MasterColor CDM-T12 Elite
Model Number: 315W/942/U/O NA
Watts: 315W
Avg. Hrs. Life: 20,000 hr
Color Temperature: 4200K
Initial Lumens: 34,000 Lm
CRI: 90
Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) A+
Diameter (D above):  1.5″
Length (C above):  7.6″


Weight 1 lbs

HID Bulb Type

Product Category

Grow Lights

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Color Temp. (Kelvin)

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