Roots Organics Potting Soil – Pallet of 70



Roots Organics’ premium potting soil is coco fiber based potting soil that promotes optimal root zone conditions for maximized yields. The Roots Organics’ soil contains quality ingredients such as bat guano, humic acid, earthworm castings, and mycorrhizae fungi.

  • 70 bags of 1.5 cubic feet (pallet)
  • Commercial and residential delivery
  • Blended with a variety of soil amendments
  • Promotes optimal root growth
  • Lightweight and effective

Roots Organic soil is a truly exceptional ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil made only of the highest quality ingredients. Favored by many container gardeners, Roots Organic soil is formulated with a fine blend of all-natural fertilizers and amendments that provide excellent plant nourishment and optimal root zone conditions for strong lush growth and super yields.

Roots Organic Soil is Rich but Lightweight

A rich but drainable weight makes Roots Organic soil an excellent choice for any type of grow pots, whether you’re using air-pruning containers like smart pots or more traditional containers such as nursery pots and grow bags. The thick and durable Roots Organic soil bag can also serve as a suitable container for larger plant types – just cut off the top, add a few drainage holes, and you’re ready to grow!

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A truly exceptional ready-to-use coco fiber-based potting soil. Comes in a heavy-duty, ready-to-grow, 1.5 cu. ft./10 gal, camouflage print bag—simply poke holes in the bottom, cut off the top, and plant. Roots Organic Potting Soil is amended with only the highest quality organic ingredients including bat guano, premium earthworm castings, fish bone meal, feather meal, green sand, mycorrhizae, glacial rock dust, soybean meal, humic acid, and much more. Already blended with correct proportions of perlite and pumice for excellent drainage and a vigorous root system.

Roots Organic Potting Soil Contains Mycorrhizae Fungi!

Mycorrhizae is a living organism and if the bags are left alone for a while before usage, the fungus will grow and medium may appear to be moldy! This is completely normal and is actually a good sign that the fungi are still active.

Weight 2200 lbs