Soul Infinity




Soul Infinity by Aurora Innovations is a liquid supplement used to encourage vigor and growth in a plant’s yield. Soul Infinity helps to prevent any nutrient deficiencies by providing the plant with various beneficial ingredients such as yucca extract, humic acid, silica, and calcium.

  • (0.5-2-1)
  • Provides vital elements to prevent deficiencies
  • Encourages vigor and growth


Soul Infinity

The Infinity provides many of the same benefits of Trinity (sugar boost, kelp boost, protein boost) with some added benefits. Infinity has two amino chelates and humic acid beneficial for extra nutrient uptake, with soy protein hydrolysate to boost vigor, plus botanical extracts of bamboo, kelp, sugar cane molasses, and yucca.

Soul Infinity is a complex blend of powerful natural plant nutrients we formulated to increase vigor and prevent nutrient deficiencies common in fast-growing and heavy-feeding plants. With its deliberate blend of distinct ingredients, Soul Infinity can be used with any base fertilizer line as a powerful supplement to increase growth and yields.



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