Soul Big Swell




Soul Big Swell by Aurora Innovations is a liquid additive used to increase the size, vigor, and overall quality of a plant’s flowers. Soul Big Swell uses a mix of yucca extract, molasses, phosphoric acid, and potassium for explosive, high-quality blooms. Soul Big Swell can be used on mature flowering plants, or plants with hydroponic and soil bases.

  • (2-5-3)
  • Increases size, quality, and vigor of flowers
  • Used in conjunction with base nutrients


Big Swell:

A bloom boost, best used throughout the flower cycle. In the first couple of weeks of flowering, 5 ml a gallon is fine.

Soul Big Swell has been designed specifically to increase flower size, vigor and quality. Aurora’s research has resulted in a distinctive formula of powerful natural botanical extracts, amino acids and molasses combined to yield a specific ratio of available phosphorus and potassium. For exceptional results, use Soul Big Swell as an additive in conjunction with any base nutrient program



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