Soul Amino Aide

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Soul Amino Aide by Aurora Innovations is a liquid formula used to promote plant vigor and increased yields. Soul Amino Aide is a blend of amino acids, and can be used in either potting soils or hydroponic gardening. Soul Amino Aide is rich in kelp extract, yucca extract, L-glycine, and L-arginine.

  • (5-0-1)
  • Promotes increased plant vigor and enhanced yields
  • Complex amino acid blend

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A veg boost. Adding 5 ml per gallon of this to any regimen will show a noticeable difference, quickly.

Soul Amino-Aide plant supercharger is a complex amino acid blend specifically formulated to increase plant vigor and yields. Chemists at Aurora Innovations created this blend of amino acids after extensive, hands-on research into compounds that can be beneficial for plant growth and yields. Harness that power with Amino-Aide and see the results for yourself. Great for both potting soil and hydroponic gardening.


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