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Trinity by Roots Organics is an organic 2-in-1 liquid nutrient that promotes vigor, reduces stress, faster growth, and increased overall yield size. Trinity boosts a variety of beneficial elements in growing plants such as carbs, protein, kelp, and humic acids. The humic acids in Trinity increase nutrient uptake in your plant's roots and stems creating maximized nutrient efficiency.

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  • Increases overall quality and value of yield
  • Enhances growth speed, vigor, and reduces plant stress

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Roots Organics Trinity is a complex blend of organic plant nutrients designed for maximum effect as a plant and rhizosphere growth enhancer. With its deliberate blend of distinct plant nutrients, Trinity is a universal supplement for growth and bloom. A distinctive formula of complex carbohydrates combined with soy protein extracts to encourage plant vigor, reduce stress, accelerate growth and increase yield. Trinity can be used with any nutrient program.

Instrumental to our line, and really any line. Trinity combines virtually everything you want to give your plant. Notably, it’s a carb boost, a protein boost, a kelp boost, and a humic acid boost, all in one bottle. You’ve got molasses base as a base of complex carbohydrates combined with aloe, and yucca and quillaja which act as wetting agents. High grade kelp extract (which as the fastest growing plant on earth, happens to be a huge natural source of plant growth enhancing nutrients) and a protein boost from soy protein hydrolysate. The product also contains humic acid, which may aid in the uptake of micronutrients. Trinity can be used as a flush at 5 ml a gallon. We always recommend pure water as a final flush, but Trinity is great as an intermediary flush and you can do wonders with 5 ml a gallon Trinity for a few feedings before your final flush.


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