TerpLoc Eighth Ounce Curing & Storage Bag with Window – Case of 1000



Elevating what it means to store plant material, Grove Bags' TerpLoc bags create the perfect environment that keeps material fresh, odor-free, retains moisture, and is mold-free. When sealed the pouch expels any excessive gas and water vapor through the layers of the package to retain a relative humidity level between 58-62% perfect for curing and storage. Compared to traditional curing methods which can be expensive, time-consuming, or both; TerpLoc bags simplifies the curing process without sacrificing quality, retaining up to 37% more terpenes over time. TerpLoc's advanced technology is backed by numerous case studies and used by commercial experts in the horticulture industry. CASE COUNT: 1000

  • For curing and long-term storage
  • Windows on the front and back of packaging
  • Size: 1/8 Ounce (4 ? 0.1 ? 5 in)

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TerpLoc Eighth Ounce Curing & Storage Bag with Window

TerpLoc® bags are thick and sturdy to combat any potential tearing or ripping. Our zipper gusseted pouches are all 4 mil, which compared to a regular ziplock bag of 1.5 – 2mil, is more than double the thickness. The rigidity of TerpLoc® allows you to process large colas with the stem intact and not have to worry about tearing or the stem poking holes in the bag. Oxygen and moisture are controlled via off-gassing through TerpLoc® based on the plant’s existing respiration process. Excess amounts are expelled into the atmosphere while the remainder stays within the bag’s microclimate. UV and antistatic properties also protect the various terpenes from degrading or leaching onto the storage material.

TerpLoc Technology:

Grove Bags TerpLoc® product line is the evolution in packaging the industry has been waiting for. Designed around the plant’s physiological properties, it utilizes a blend of several film elements to create the optimal climate inside every package.

Oxygen & Humidity Elements: These two TerpLoc® elements work in unison to diffuse oxygen, slowing down the respiration process and allowing excess water vapor to be diffused to prevent mold growth and preserve product potency.

UV Element: This TerpLoc® element provides premium protection from harmful UV rays that continuously cause THC to degrade to CBN, decreasing the potency of packaged plant material.

Durability & Odor Elements: These two TerpLoc® elements work in conjunction to guarantee maximum puncture resistance during packaging & transport, ensuring the potent smell of the product is contained within the packaging.

Anti-Static Element: This TerpLoc® element creates a neutral charge down the packaging sidewall to prevent the trichomes, which contain a significant amount of terpenes, from being stripped off the product.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 5 in

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