The Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device – Large 14-22″


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Work smarter not harder with Hydrofarm's Lazy Gardener. The Lazy Gardener is an automatic watering device that takes the guesswork out of watering with its simple plant-it and forget-it philosophy. This patent-pending technology creates optimal water conditions for plants by maintaining moisture content, root zone temperature, and oxygen delivery with minimal work required.

  • Large size fits 14-22" containers
  • Food-safe container required for water reservoir
  • 7 wattage operation

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The Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device

The First Thing You Should Plan is Technology

Developed by a professional grower, the indoor/outdoor Lazy Gardener for containers prunes the effort from growing plants and vegetables. As a 3-in-1 grower’s helper, the lazy gardener creates ideal conditions that minimize effort and maximize yield by maintaining moisture content, root zone temperature, and oxygen delivery. When optimized, these conditions will promote a healthy and productive plant, requiring little maintenance and watering – can’t overwater, can’t underwater. Conditions in the root zone will also foster beneficial bacteria. You can even use the Lazy Gardener with seeds or transplanted plants. The Lazy Gardener isn’t magic. It’s patent-pending agricultural science that’s proven to work.


  • Moisture Delivery Wick: Uses up to 10x less water, yet still provides a constant, controlled moisture vapor to the root system for perfect root zone hydration.
  • Thermostatic Heating Element: Sipping just 7 watts of electricity, it maintains an optimal sub-surface temperature to extend the growing season by months while also facilitating rapid robust, and healthy root development.
  • Aggregate Base (Not Required): Use a base of coarse gravel or medium stones. Pea gravel not recommended. This layer promotes healthy aeration and oxygen delivery to the root zone while also serving as a heat sink.
  • Water Supply Line: We’ve carefully scaled the water supply line with the moisture delivery wick and heating element to prevent “swamping” the root system
  • Water Reservoir (Not Included): Use any clean, food-safe container such as a plastic milk jug or soda bottle. The larger the reservoir, the less often you’ll need to replenish it.
  • Lift Process” Aeration: The thermostatic heating element simultaneously heats the soil and air. As the warm air rises out of the container, cooler air is drawn in through the container’s drainage holes creating constant root zone aeration.



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