Hydroponics is a means of growing plants that dates back thousands of years.


Hydroponics is a means of growing plants that dates back thousands of years. Over time, we have innovated this field and developed new ways to get plants the nutrients they need. When we correctly use hydroponics to grow our plants, we can see higher yields, reduce pesticide use and encourage others to grow plants even if they do not have access to quality soil.

Hydroponics is not guesswork. Instead, it is finding the precise measurement of nutrients and delivering them to your plants on a routine schedule. You will need to find the proper nutrients, follow a feed schedule and supply the correct amount of product to each plant.

A General Hydroponics feed schedule will give you a calculation of nutrient solutions, detailing how many nutrients your plants need and when to deliver them. Once you have decided what nutrients you need to supply to your plants, you will have to follow a schedule to ensure they flourish.

General Hydroponics Offerings From HTG Supply

General Hydroponics has been the leading innovator in this industry for more than four decades. They’ve since developed complete and robust nutrient solutions for your plants in water or soil. Their products strengthen plants, encourage growth and bring plentiful yields.

These nutrient solutions help plants thrive by boosting their structural support, encouraging them to produce successful yields and delivering essential minerals they need to survive. HTG Supply sells these products so that you can support your plants at every stage of their growth process.

The Flora Series

At HTG Supply, we sell many General Hydroponics products, including the Flora Series. The Flora Series is the original nutrient system General Hydroponics created. This is a set of three nutrients, including FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom.

FloraGro provides plants with a specialized nutrient when you combine it with FloraMicro to boost your plants’ foliar and structural growth. FloraMicro delivers calcium, nitrogen and potassium to rapidly growing plants. FloraBloom give plants minerals during their reproductive growth stage to promote seed production, flowering and fruiting.

The Maxi Series

We also offer products in their Maxi Series, including MaxiGro and MaxiBloom.

MaxiGro is the first step in the Maxi Series. This formula encourages growth in the development stages, and you can use it on cuttings and seedlings. MaxiBloom is the second step in the series and is a soluble nutrient solution that provides plants with micronutrients and primary and secondary nutrients. This formula quickly dissolves in water and helps maintain proper pH levels and enhances product development when it’s time for flowering or fruiting.

The BioThrive Series

You can use the BioThrive series on all of your plants. Additionally, these products work for a wide variety of potting mixes and garden soils, so you can use this series in multiple ways.

BioThrive Grow encourages root growth and strengthens your plants’ foundation. Use BioThrive Grow to support plants at any stage in their growth process, then top them off with BioThrive Bloom. Use BioThrive Bloom to produce bountiful yields and superior harvests. This product will support your plants by strengthening them to hold all of their flowers and fruits.

The cost of General Hydroponics nutrients per gallon ranges depending on the products you choose. For example, purchasing all three Flora Series products in gallons is approximately $70, while purchasing 1 gallon of BioThrive Grow or BioThrive Bloom is about $70 each at HTG Supply.

After deciding what series would be most beneficial for your plants and budget, you can easily determine the order in which to add General Hydroponics nutrients. You’ll have access to feed charts that detail when and how much to use each product.

How to Calculate General Hydroponics Usage

Choosing your product is not the final step in caring for your vegetation. After you decide what formulas or solutions you are going to use, you must follow a strict schedule and use the proper amounts to encourage plant growth. Different plants will require an additional charge of nutrients, and you will tailor your inputs based on their needs.

feed schedule for General Hydroponics products will display the information you need to care for your plants, including how often to feed a hydroponic system and the order to add General Hydroponics nutrients. These charts will detail how much product to apply during every week of the growing process and break down how much to apply to small plants, large plants and everything in between.

Steps to using a General Hydroponics feed chart:

  1. Find the feed chart for your product. For this example, we will be referencing the original Flora Series feed chart.
  2. Determine whether you need a three-, six- or 10-part system. These systems detail the number of products you need.
  3. Decide whether you want to follow progress by growth or weeks. Growth charts are more common for commercial growers.
  4. Download and print the corresponding chart.
  5. Pick the strength of your feed. Light feed strength is best for a smaller plant, medium feed is best for regularly irrigated crops and you can use aggressive feed for large plants.
  6. Follow your feed chart and apply nutrients as needed.

These charts have a color code system and clearly display product names, so you can easily determine what product you need to apply and when. You can decide if a recipe is suitable for your vegetation within a feed strength by evaluating the nitrogen displayed on the charts.

As your plant matures through development, growth and flowering stages, the amount of product you need will change and adjusting your nutrient measurements will be vital to ensure their overall success.

Find the Right Products at HTG Supply

HTG Supply is an indoor gardening supply company that can provide you with the supplies, tools, lighting fixtures and nutrients for your plants.

We’re proud of our ability to keep up with new developments in the indoor gardening and hydroponics industries. We strive to provide customer service that exceeds your expectations and deliver you an effortless experience from the time you search for products to the moment they arrive at your door.

We stock our shelves with the products we stand behind and commit to delivering you the products you need. Visit one of our 20 locations across the country or shop our extensive inventory online. Browse our products and find the right supplies to promote your plant’s growth and produce bountiful yields that you can enjoy and share.

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