In this video I’m going to talk about germinating seeds using the starter plugs I got from HTG They come in either 25 or 55 piece bags. The super starter plugs are also sold by and these have some compost in them as well as tree bark so they provide added nutrients to your growing seedlings.

The starter plugs are great for germination and good growers know that seeds don’t just need water to germinate they also need a good amount of oxygen and because they’re made of tree bark in the way they’re made these starter plugs provide the perfect ratio of oxygen to water for your germinating seeds.
If the plants you are growing have medium to large seeds you can put the seeds right into the hole that the starter plugs come with. If you’re growing plants like basil and have very tiny seeds I would recommend that you put the seeds directly into something like vermiculite.

I have made other videos about how and when to use vermiculite check them out after you watch this one.
Some growers like to germinate their seeds on a wet paper towel so they can tell which seeds germinate and which ones didn’t. You can certainly do this with the starter plugs however, if you notice that some of the roots on these little seedlings are curling that’s not a good thing. Once plant roots start to curl and twist around they’re not going to grow as efficiently and if you wait too long to put them into the starter plugs or the soil the roots might just continue to twist and twirl around themselves and your plants will grow very poorly or they might even die. So put your plants and starter plugs as soon as you see they’ve germinated. The starter plugs fit easily into the trays that I also got from HTG supply. This enables you to germinate a lot of plants in a small space very quickly and without any mess.
Plant roots can easily grow through the starter plugs and once you see roots coming through the plugs you simply have to transplant them into whatever medium you’re going to grow your plants in.

Here I’ve placed the starter plugs and seedling into a soil perlite mixture. I encourage growers to always experiment and try different mediums and different fertilizers do you find the one that’s best for you I hope you’ll give the starter plugs a try they have the proper water to soil ratio. They are relatively inexpensive very mess free and they work great.

If you have any questions please send me an email at [email protected]. good growing

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