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AgroMax Signature 1000w Double Ended Grow Light
AgroMax Signature 1000w Double Ended Grow Light

AgroMax Signature 1000w Double Ended Grow Light

AgroMax Signature Series 1000w double ended grow light systems deliver the latest in high-efficiency DE lighting technology for horticultural applications. Considered by many to be the best grow lights available for large-scale growing operations, DE systems such as the AgroMax Signature offer greater efficiency than standard 1000w grow lights with higher PAR output, improved horticultural spectrum, and better light maintenance. While DE efficiency is thanks in large part to the design of double-ended HID bulbs, a ballast with high-frequency capabilities is still required in order to achieve the full growing power. 

Specially designed to maximize the output of both HPS and MH double ended bulbs, the Signature 1000w double ended grow light ballast provides high-frequency 120kHz lamp drive, as well as built-in intelligent control software and system monitoring. The Signature DE also features an integrated reflector with 3-point adjustment for enhanced output control. While the standard configuration is an all-in-one design like the Gavita Pro 1000 and SolisTek A1, the Signature Series 1000w double-ended grow light can also be quickly and easily converted to a remote configuration with an optional fixture extension cord making it the most versatile fixture of its kind.

Key Performance Factors

Integrated Intelligence — AgroMax Signature DE fixtures feature built-in intelligent software for advanced lighting control and system monitoring. As many as 100 fixtures can be synchronized with dynamic cycle controls and high-temperature safeguards via the AgroMax Master Controller (sold separately), while integrated programming monitors status and protects individual units from system errors.

Adaptive Advantage — While most DE lights only offer a static design that limits fixture positioning, the AgroMax Signature Series DE provides the ability to fine-tune light position to unique facility layouts. The AgroMax DE fixture's 3-point reflector angle adjustment allows fixture-to-canopy distance to be adjusted without coverage loss while remote configuration capability allows the ballast to be mounted up to 15' away from the reflector. 

Features & Specifications:

 Measurements (max): 23"L x 10.25W x 10.75H
  Electrical: 1000 watts, approx. 8.33 amps @ 120v
•  Lamp Drive Frequency: 120kHz (high-frequency)
•  Operates both HPS and MH double ended bulbs
•  Multivolt: operates on 120v & 240v power
•  Dimmable Functions: 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w,
    & 1150w "Turbo Output" settings
•  Advanced control capabilities
•  Integrated hot-start protection
  Includes 10' 120v power cord w/ grounded plug (NEMA 5-15)
  UL Listed
 Three-position reflector adjustment w/ 50° range
 Ultra-efficient 95%+ reflective hood (+10% vs. competitors)
 Three point hanging system (hardware included)
 Remote configuration capabilities
 Sleek black finish
 3-year system warranty


  • Bulb Socket Type : Double Ended Socket
  • Brand : AgroMax
  • Ballast Type : Digital
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