Biobizz Calmag Supplement

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Biobizz Calmag is a supplement used to correct Ca & Mg deficiencies. Modern tap water is not a reliable source of minerals, therefore growers rely on cal-mag supplements to ensure plants are getting the proper nutrition they need. Want proper growth and blooming in your plants? Use Calmag for an extra boost. Like other Biobizz products, Calmag is a 100% organic supplement and can be used on low-fertilized substrates and hydroponic systems.  

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Biobizz Calmag Supplement

Professional formula: Organic and Certified

Biobizz Calmag has been designed for the professional grower and the hobbyist that needs an extra boost of Calcium and Magnesium in their grow.

Calcium and magnesium are essential elements for proper plant growth and blooming, as they play a key role in cell production and photosynthesis.

Why choose Biobizz Calmag?

Ca/Mg deficiencies are common, as in today’s world we cannot rely on tap water to ensure correct mineral concentration. Whether you need to stick with soft tap water or go down the RO path, Biobizz Calmag brings you a 100% organic and certified solution for Ca/Mg deficiencies. This product brings the best of our 100% natural ingredients and presents them in a formula that will not alter your preferred feeding regime. Correct faulty water and deficiencies in an easy, controlled, and natural way with Biobizz Calmag.

How to use it?

Add the recommended dose of Calmag to supplement calcium and magnesium and prepare your water and mix the necessary Biobizz fertilizers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Phase: Growing | Blooming
  • Function: Ca/Mg deficiencies
  • Setting: Indoor | Outdoor
  • Applications: Regular watering | Watering system | Hydroponics


  • Control Union Certifications: National Organic Program (NOP) Input
  • Clean Green Certification
  • Control Union Certifications: Organic EU Input
  • EnvirOganic
  • Point Vert

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