Black Gold Natural & Organic 2 Cu. Ft. – Bulk Pallet of 40


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Black Gold Natural & Organic potting mix plus fertilizer is finely blended to produce outstanding organic plant growth. This OMRI-listed potting soil contains a mix of peat moss, composted bark, perlite, and pumice to provide excellent aeration and drainage. It is also amended with organic fertilizers to nourish plants and fortified with silicon to boost plant resilience. Use Black Gold Natural & Organic for container gardening both indoors and outdoors.

  • OMRI Listed
  • (40) 2 cu. ft. bags

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Black Gold Natural & Organic 2 Cu. Ft. – Bulk Pallet of 40

Grow with Black Gold Natural & Organic OMRI listed soil, a perfect all-purpose mix for container and raised bed gardening. This rich soil contains a fine blend of peat, compost, and organic amendments to encourage healthy rooting and lush plant growth. Black Gold Natural & Organic is perfect for use indoors or outdoors with any type of container.

  • RESILIENCE®, the trade name for Silicon (Si), is a beneficial plant substance. Plants grown with our RESiLIENCE® silicon, already in our mix, may result in earlier flowering, better root growth, and improved resistance to wilting. Your results will vary by plant type and how you grow your plant.
  • An all-purpose mix formulated with all-natural ingredients.
  • Recommended for container plantings and raised beds.
  • Provides good aeration and organic fertilizer for beautiful garden plants and vegetables.
  • Contains earthworm castings – nutrient-rich, biologically active, and improve the ability of your soil to retain moisture
  • OMRI Listed®

Perfect For:

Annuals and perennials, bedding plants, hanging baskets and windowboxes, houseplants, indoor containers, outdoor containers, vegetables and herbs, and raised beds.


Made from the finest ingredients, the Natural & Organic Potting Mix is an all-purpose mix recommended for containers and raised beds and ensures good aeration.


  • Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Compost
  • Perlite
  • Earthworm Castings
  • Horticultural Grade Perlite, Pumice, or Cinders
  • Processed Bark

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