CYCO Supa Sticky




Supa Stiky by Cyco is an additive used to increase the production of oil and resin secretions in flowers, as well as fruit size and quality. In addition, Supa Stiky increase the potency and flavors in your fruits and flowers. Supa Stiky is food safe and synthetic free.

  • (0.6-3-2)
  • Increase fruit and flowers size, smell, and taste
  • Food safe and synthetic free
  • Used during the last 4 weeks of the bloom cycle


Cyco Platinum Series Supa Stiky will help increase plant resin production and also aid in fruit size and fruit quality.

CYCO Supa Stiky (0.6-3-2) is an additive used during the flowering cycle of plant growth that aids in fruit size and quality and increases plant resin production. A plentiful source of 99.8 percent pure magnesium, Supa Stiky helps in the construction of components crucial to the formation of essential oil compounds in the plant. Safe for food production; enjoy increased aroma and flavor in plants.

  • 100% Synthetic And Safe For Food Production
  • Increase Essential Oil Production In Plants
  • Heightens Production Of Terpene And Terpenoids
  • Increased Aroma And Flavor
  • Fruit Size And Quality Noticeably Increased


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