FoxFarm Bush Doctor Wholly Mackerel

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Wholly Mackerel® (3-1-0), from FoxFarm‘s Bush Doctor® line, is a liquid plant nutrient derived from marine fish species. It is an enzymatically digested product. Wholly Mackerel provides readily available amounts of organic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to growing plants. FoxFarm’s extra strength fish fertilizer contains 20 different amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals including manganese, iron, copper, and zinc. These nutrients are also available to plants when applied as a foliar spray. The proteins in Wholly Mackerel are pre-digested into readily usable peptides for plants and soil microbes.


Beneath the ocean dwells the goddess of the sea; she knows the secret to lush, rish plant growth. In the cycle of life, she offers nourishment – in the form of fish. Wholly Mackerel is an effective plant food that is safe for young seedlings and transplants, encouraging vigorous growth.

  • For organic use
  • Fast acting liquid formula is easily absorbed by plants
  • Effective plant food that is safe for use with young seedlings and transplants
  • Encourages vigorous growth

Manufacturer Directions

Soil Schedule
Hydro Schedule

Gringo Rasta Soil Schedule
Gringo Rasta Hydro Schedule

Smart Naturals Schedule

Guaranteed Analysis (3-1-0)

Total nitrogen (N)
Ammoniacal nitrogen
Other water-soluble nitrogen
Water insoluble nitrogen
Available phosphate (P2O5) 1.00%

Derived from protein hydrolysate (from fish)

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