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Gavita Pro RS 2400e LED 800W Multi-Volt Grow Light




The Gavita Pro RS 2400e is a full spectrum LED grow light with superb efficiency. At 800 watts with an impressive 3.0 μmol per watt, this high-intensity light is perfect for increasing bud yields. The PPFD levels on this model closely match the same par output as the sun on a nice, clear day. The Pro RS 2400e light is a bright white with an additional specialized blue spectrum. This blue spectrum was designed for enhancing terpene profiles in plants. Gavita crafts each light with only the best components, the Pro RS 2400e is equipped with Gavita-branded diodes and drivers for the best performance out there.

Click HERE to add a Gavita Master Controller to your Pro RS 2400e LED.

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  • 5′ x 5′ Coverage Area
  • 3.0 μmol per watt
  • DLC-Listed

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Gavita Pro RS 2400e LED 800W 120-277V Grow Light

The Gavita Pro produces 2400 μmol s-1 PAR and an impressively efficient 3.0 μmol/j and delivers a broad white light with an enhanced blue spectrum which may intensify terpene and cannabinoid profiles. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full-term plant growth – from the vegetative stages to higher-light-requiring bloom and finishing stages. Using the Gavita Master EL3 Controller, the fixture is dimmable to 10% without any loss of efficiency. The RS 2400e is built with high-quality components, including Gavita drivers and custom-made Gavita diodes, to deliver the performance and lifespan you expect from the name you trust.

  • High light intensity to help produce higher yields
  • Broad white light with an enhanced blue spectrum which may intensify terpene and cannabinoid profiles
  • Dimmable down to 10% with the Gavita EL3 Master controller (sold separately)
  • Premium Gavit diodes and drivers
  • Delivers the highest efficiency of any full spectrum, DLC-listed LED fixture at an impressive 3.0 μmol/J*
  • Embedded adapter for maximum controllability with the Gavita EL3 Master controller (sold separately)
  • The foldable 8-rail fixture is a breeze to ship, store, and install
  • IP66 wet rating and ANSI/CAN/UL 8800 compliant
  • Assembled in the USA using foreign components
  • Five-year limited warranty*

Features & Benefits:

Increased Yields: This fixture will be able to output PPFD levels close to full sun on a cloud-free day. This will allow growers to maximize bud yield. Research in the primary literature and our own internal studies show a positive correlation between light intensity and bud yield. This is also a very well-established phenomenon in crops other than cannabis.

Boost Terpenes and Cannabinoids: Delivers a broad white light with an enhanced blue spectrum which may result in intensified terpene & cannabinoid profiles.

Efficiency and Controllability: This fixture produces 2400 µmol s-1 PAR and is incredibly efficient at 3.0 µmol/j. When paired with the Gavita Master EL3 Controller, it can be dimmed down to 10% without any loss of efficiency, connecting up to 512 LED fixtures.

Dimming Curve: The Gavita Pro RS 2400e gains efficiency as the fixture is dimmed down to desired light levels. This allows users to reach higher levels of PPE, leading to even more cost savings.

Technical Specifications & Documents:

Model No. HGC906052
Voltage 120 – 277 V
Current at 120 V 6.67 A
Current at 277 V 2.89 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Watts 800 W
Max Ambient Temp 40° C
Third-Party Control Input 0-11.5 V
Power Factor (cosø) 0.99

View Gavita Pro RS 2400e LED Instructions

Gavita Pro RS 2400e LED Specifications Sheet

Weight 56.3 lbs
Dimensions 47.66 × 10.1 × 26.57 in



Chip Type

Spectrum Type

Fixture Configuration



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