PURE 100 Reverse Osmosis / Deionizer System


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AgroMax PURE Reverse Osmosis filters eliminate the chemical and mineral content of municipal water supplies. The PURE 100 has a 100 gallon-per-day capacity to deliver 0 PPM water into a reservoir or container for fuller control over your plants' nutrition.


  • Reverse Osmosis water supports healthy and active root-zone microbial activity by removing chemicals (like chlorine and chloramine) harmful to microbes.
  • 100 gallon-per-day capacity meets the needs of most home gardeners and small-scale cultivation facilities.
  • The AgroMax PURE 100 Reverse Osmosis water filter is designed to be used on a municipal or city water system.


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AgroMax PURE 100 Reverse Osmosis Filter

Water is the most important part of your fertilizer regime and is also the most overlooked. Most growers assume that since their water is safe to drink that it is good for plants, but this is not always the case. While your water may be safe for human consumption, the mineral and chemical content may impact the development of your garden plants.

Anyone who’s run tap water is familiar with the presence of chlorine and fluoride in our public water supplies. There may even be the nasty presence of chloramine (chlorine bound to ammonia) in our water too. Dare we even mention the potential presence of fecal coliform, bacteria, herbicides and pesticide phosphates and nitrates that may be present in the water you are giving your prized plants! Both chlorine and chloramine are used to kill bacteria in our drinking water, yet it has the double effect of killing any micro-biological activity in your nutrient solutions and root-zones. Benefits from organic nutrients and biological stimulants will be relatively mitigated because of chlorine and chloramine.
Starting with pure water at 0 ppm allows for precise dosage and control of plant nutrients. It also ensures a clean, non-contaminated final product from your plants with the ability to easily create compost teas and organic brews.

This Reverse Osmosis water filter is designed to be used on a municipal or city water system. Municipal or City water systems operate with a water pressure of over 60 PSI. If this Reverse Osmosis System is going to be used on a Well, which operates at a lower than 60 PSI pressure, then an auxiliary pump will be required to boost the water pressure up.


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