USA Lab Premium 12L Short Path Distillation Turnkey Kit



The USA Labs 10L Full Bore Short Path Distillation Kit is made with high quality USA made glass and a specially designed 100mm 4″ 4 way shelf head to allow for excellent distillation, high production and consistent results.

This kit is designed for high production and consistent results. Don’t spend all your money on overpriced distillation kits. Get started right away at a fraction of the cost!

Model: APSPD12L


The USA Lab 12L Short Path Distillation Kit With USA Made Glass:

The USA Lab 12L Short Path Distillation Kit comes with a 34/45 molecular magnet thermowell, a 24/40 vacuum take-off adapter to allow for easy switching of receiving flasks, a jumbo cold trap for large amounts of condensing, and full bore attachments to allow for high pulling vacuum.

The 12L system also includes the USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C heater chiller for your condenser and a USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM vacuum pump for deep, high CFM vacuum.

Please note: This unit ships on a pallet L48″ x W32″ xH55″, 350 lbs. Freight delivery is required.


• 1x: USA Lab 10L 110V 380°C ZNCL-TS-10000 Stirrer Heating Mantle
• 1x: USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM Vacuum Pump 220V 15A w/ Mist Filter
• 1x: USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C Heater Chiller w/ Water Line
• 1x: USA Lab 10L Thermal Shield
• 1x: USA Made – 12L Fractional Distillation Head – 100MM bottom – 34/45 top
• 1x: USA Made – 12L 2 Neck Boiling Flask – 100MM Flange & 24/40
• 1x: USA Made – Vacuum Take-Off Adapter – 24/40 – 1x GL-16 Cap
• 1x: USA Made -5000mL 1 Neck Round Bottom Flask – 24/40
• 1x: USA Made – 34/45 Molecular Magnet Thermowell
• 1x: USA Made – 24/40 Thermowell
• 2x: USA Made – GL-16 Connection
• 1x: USA Made – 24/40 Condenser w/ 2pcs GL connections
• 1x: USA Made – Jumbo Cold Trap
• 1x: 1000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck
• 2x: 2000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck
• 1x: 100MM Flange Clamp
• 1x: 100MM Flange o-ring
• 3x: 24″ KF25 Below Hose
• 6x: KF25 Centering Ring
• 6x: KF25 Clamp
• 3x: KF25 to 24/40 Adapter w/ o-ring
• 1x: KF25 Tee
• 1x: KF25 to 1/8″ FNPT for Digivac Gauge
• 1x: Digivac Bullseye Vacuum Gauge
• 5x: 24/40 Stainless Steel Keck Clamp
• 2x: Chain Clamp
• 2x: Cork Stand
• 1x: 8″x8″ Jack Stand
• 1x: 16″x10″x27″ Lab Stand
• 1x: RE-501 Stand for Cold Trap
• 1x: RE-501 Strap for Cold Trap w/ Holder
• 1x: RE-501 Ring for Cold Trap w/ Holder
• 12x: Boss Head Clamp
• 4x: 3-Finger Adjustable Clamp 0-70mm
• 1x: Digital Thermometer
• 2x: Heating Mantle Stainless Steel Threaded Pole
• 2x: 27″ Stainless Steel Threaded Pole to attach to mantle and cold trap
• 1x: Stir Magnet
• 1x: 1 Gal. Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil
• 1x: 1 Gal. Propylene Glycol
• 1x: Vacuum Grease


• Reservoir Capacity: 5L
• Reservoir Dimensions: 8″ x 8″
• Temperature Range: Room Temperature to -10°C / 14°F
• Power Requirements: 110v 60Hz 12A Single Phase
• Refrigerating BTUs: 1,000 BTU – 4,500 BTU
• Circulating Pump Wattage: 100w
• Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5°C
• Pump Flow: 30L/Min
• Pump Pressure: 0.4 bar
• Barb Size: 1/2″
• Refrigerant: R404
• Dimensions 19″ x 14″ x 29″
• Weight: 100 lbs

Weight 350 lbs