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Grodan 9.5″ x 8″ x 4″ Rockwool Uni-Slab




The Grodan Uni-Slab is a growing medium designed to house larger plants and support them throughout their lifecycle. Featuring all the benefits of a traditional Grodan Rockwool slab, now with UV wrapping that makes transportation easier and contains moisture and nutrients longer than a traditional slab. The Uni-Slab is perfect for busy growers looking to reduce time watering plants or new growers looking to experiment with Rockwool slabs.

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Grodan 9.5″ x 8″ x 4″ Rockwool Uni-Slab

Grodan Uni-Slab™ Single Plant Slab can support large plants throughout their lifecycle, allowing greenhouse and indoor growers to realize excellent production levels per plant. It affords extra physical stability for top-heavy plants and additional protection from algae and root pests thanks to its UV-resistant cover.

Gro-Slabs offer a wide control range to steer your crop using simple irrigation strategies. They can also be resaturated quickly and effectively. The WC and EC are distributed uniformly throughout the slabs. As a result, Grodan Gro-Slabs offer a wide control range to steer your crop using a simple irrigation strategy. Grodan Gro-Slabs are the ideal solution for growers seeking a reliable substrate that facilitates easy irrigation and leaves nothing to chance throughout the cultivation period.

Grodan Uni-Slab Wetting Instructions



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