Grodan Improved Gro-Block Rockwool Cubes – 1.5 Inch

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The improved Grodan Gro-Block takes cultivation to the next level with its scientific research and tested advanced wetting technology. The improved stone wool substrate brings superior quality and yield to plants, while also limiting water and nutrient usage. Built with a prime fiber structure, each block has a uniform distribution of WC and EC throughout that lays the groundwork for a well-defined root system. The Grodan improved Gro-Blocks deliver real results for your crops.  

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Grodan Improved Gro-Block

New Grodan Improved! Improved product at current pricing. New density + new hydrophilic technology = better water distribution and root development. The uniform distribution of water and nutrients throughout the block allows for more efficient use of the entire substrate volume Full saturation of the blocks with no dry spots and improved EC control with less water is achieved in the root zone due to the uniform, optimized wool resulting in sustainable water and nutrient use. Improved “re-wettability” able to more easily increase water concentration in the substrate.


Leverage the benefits of products developed alongside plant scientists, that are specifically engineered to deliver real results for your crops. Grodan Gro-Blocks Improved with Advanced Wetting Technology — our improved stone wool substrate.

  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • Cultivate more uniform and high-quality crops
  • Faster rooting-in of plants
  • Less water and nutrient usage throughout the entire crop cycle
  • Uniform Water Content and Electrical Conductivity distribution throughout block
  • Delivers real results to your crops
  • Higher plant yields

Grodan Precision Irrigation Guide

Grodan Gro-Block Wetting Instructions



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