Light Rail 5.0 4′ Auxiliary Rail Extension


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A 4' extension auxiliary rail for the Light Rail 5.0 system. The original Light Rail system moves up to 3 grow lights in a side-by-side pattern to ensure that plants get even coverage throughout. This auxiliary rail matches the wide track of the Light Rail 5.0 to create a longer track that accommodates a 2nd Add-A-Bar Kit crossbar. In addition to the two Add-A-Bar Kits, the extension creates a 3-bar system spanning 12 feet that can hold up to 9 grow lights.

  • Package includes: 4' auxiliary rail, installation hardware, and instructions
  • Accommodates 3-bar Light Rail 5.0 system

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Light Rail 5.0 Auxiliary Rail Extension

This is a 4-foot Auxiliary Rail section. And, it is used with LightRail 5.0 exclusively to match the wider track of the LightRail 5.0 Rail. This light mover rail is designed to accommodate a second Add a Bar Kit (AAB KIT LR5). And, that makes a total of three crossbars moved per LightRail Motor. Hint: Most people have each crossbar travel in its own 4-foot Rail half section. And, that is with about a 2’ gap in between those 4-foot Rail sections. So, indoor plant light will fill in the gap area from both sides.

Light Rail 5 Auxiliary Rail Installation Guide


Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 4 × 4 in


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