Soul Player Pack


The Soul Player Pack by Aurora Innovations is a complete, start-to-finish nutrient and supplement system that encourages increased growth, blooms, and high-quality yields. The Soul Player Pack is a new-grower friendly pack, and can be used in a variety of grow systems.

  • Start-to-finish nutrients and supplements
  • 7 different plant-boosting formulas
  • Encourages bigger, better quality yields
  • 16 ounce and 8 ounce bottles

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Soul Player Pack

The Soul Player Pack is designed for new gardeners looking to start with a complete, powerful program at an economical price, and for established gardeners who want to do a side-by-side comparison to check out the quality and yields achievable with these hand-crafted nutrients. This pack includes a variety of formulas from the Soul line by Aurora Innovations, and inspires exponential growth, vigor, and quality in your yields. This nutrient line is designed for growing in coco fiber, hydroponics and also works great in soil.

Player Pack Includes:

  • 16 oz Grow
  • 16 oz Bloom
  • 16 oz Infinity
  • 8 oz Grow-N
  • 8 oz Amino-Aide
  • 8 oz Big Swell
  • 8 oz Peak

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